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At Four Paws Holistic Therapy we know that every animal is unique and special, and work to tailor treatment to help meet each animal’s needs, as well as the needs of its human companions. This is one of the reasons why we offer a free, 15-minute initial telephone consultation where you can speak directly to Gillian Edwards, CCMT to explain your situation. Based on this information, Gillian will recommend the appropriate in-person or remote animal communication, energy healing and/or canine massage services. Consultations are by appointment only.

 Help your animals find peace, balance and health:


Rates for the following services begin at:

Animal Communication – $80/session

Canine Massage – $75/session

Energy Healing – $75/session

Session Add-On Services - $15 

Discounted individualized treatment and combination animal holistic healing services packages are also available. 

At the initial in-home or remote visit, Gillian will get to know you and your companion, discussing your issues, concerns and objectives. It’s also important to have the following information on hand:

  • Name/Age/Gender
  • Present/Past Concerns
  • Your Objective
  • Diet
  • Personality
  • Diagnostic History/Treatments
  • A .jpg format photo of your companion – especially for remote healing and communication
  • For communication services, please give some thought as to what you would like to ask your companion


It’s important to know that holistic therapy treatment, including animal communication, Reiki energy healing and canine massage, is in no way a substitute for traditional or alternative veterinary care. Gillian Edwards, CCMT, CRM provides these services as a complement to veterinary medical treatment, as well as to help with an animal's emotional and spiritual well-being. Gillian will not offer veterinary advice nor diagnose medical problems. If something is noticed during treatment, she will bring it to your attention. Clients should always contact their veterinarians if they believe their animal is suffering from any type of illness or injury. 

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