Psychic Animal Communication

What is psychic animal communication?

While most adult humans communicate verbally, animals communicate in a silent language. This type of communication is called telepathy, which means mentally sending and receiving messages with no use of sensory channels or physical interaction. It involves the direct transmission of feelings, emotions, intentions, thoughts, mental images, impressions, sensations and more. In this kind of communication you do not read body language or make guesses based on behavior. Animals are masters of telepathic communication. They speak to each other in this manner, and also attempt to speak to humans in the same way.  

Why choose Gillian Edwards and Four Paws Holistic Therapy?

Animals don’t always tell us what we want to hear but they do tell us what we need to hear. As an experienced animal communicator, Gillian possesses a unique ability to talk with animals — hearing, seeing and understanding an animal’s thoughts and feelings, and can deeply tune in to what an animal is trying to express. While animal communication is not a substitute for traditional veterinary care, it can be used to enrich relationships and bonds between animals and their owners. It can be used as a form of distance or in-person healing and can be applied to many situations including health problems, general check-ins, improving pet-owner bonds, behavioral issues, aging, end-of-life decisions and much more. 

Benefits of psychic animal communication

  • Develop an understanding of what your animal is thinking and feeling
  • Deepen the connection and bond between you and your animal
  • Understand and address changes in behavior
  • Provide support and adjustment to new circumstances or surroundings
  • Enable support assistance in end of life decisions

 Learn what your animals are trying to tell you: