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Dog Massage Denver

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Canine massage is a powerful tool to help improve an animal’s flexibility and mobility, increase circulation, reduce pain, promote healing, and improve overall physical, emotional and mental health. 

Animal Communication

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Your animals understand you. We can help you do the same for them. Animal communication can enhance shared knowledge and mutual understanding, deepening the relationship between you and your companion.

Reiki Energy Healing

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Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, remote or in-person energy healing that yields powerful results for body, mind and spirit. For animals, it provides relaxation, stress reduction and a sense of peace and balance.   

About Four Paws Holistic Therapy

Gillian Edwards, pet psychic, animal communicator, canine massage, dog massage, Reiki Master

Gillian Edwards, CCMT

Certified in therapeutic, sport and senior massage, K9 first-aid and CPR, Reiki Master and animal communicator, Gillian Edwards combines communication, massage and energy work to bring well-being, comfort and balance to animal companions.  

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At Four Paws Holistic Therapy, we are proud to have touched the lives of many animals and their human companions. You can read their stories here. If you would like to tell your story, please let us know.

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At Four Paws Holistic Therapy we know that every animal is unique and special. This is why we tailor treatment to help understand and heal each dog, cat, bird, rabbit or other animal, as well as the needs of its human companions.